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Duhren, Germany Visit in November 2014

Posted by Victor Prince on November 28, 2014 at 6:45 AM

I just visited Duhren, Germany for the second time in two years. Duhren is the small village near Heidelberg that the Brentz family emigrated from in 1751 to start the Printz/Prince family in America. In my first visit, I went to a Sunday service in the church in Duhren and met up with members of the Wolfhard family, who are direct ancestors of the Brentz's. We met up with them again this year and had a wonderful visit with them, including visits to their homes and a very nice luncheon. A highlight from this trip was seeing the original registry from the 1600s from the Duhren church that listed marriages and such. It was amazing to see the entries from the 1600s that showed when the Brentz and Wolfhard families became connected through a marriage.

The following day, I went to Tubingen, Germany to visit the library of the University of Tubingen, which reportedly contained original papers from our ancestor Alexandar Wolfhartt. See the Photo Albums to get the update on the results of that visit.



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