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Printz's of Liberal, Kansas

Posted by Victor Prince on March 9, 2014 at 6:40 PM

Question  - "My Great Grandfather was John Rockefeller Printz, and I think he was from Liberal, Kansas. At least I know he was there when my Father and Grandfather built houses in Liberal after WWII. John was old at that time. Do you know if our family is part of your clan?

Answer - Bad news, good news.  Bad news - The book does not have any mention of the name "Rockefeller."  That could have been nice on so many levels.  Good news - the book does mention a "John Rockwell Printz" in Liberal, Kansas, so I am guessing that is probably a match.  Good luck with your research and let us know if you find anything interesting. - Victor

1B3H6J5. John Rockwell Printz, born Jan. 9, 1859 in Cooper Co., MO; died June 9, 1949 in Liberal KS. He eloped and was married on Sept. 25, 1879 to Agnes Hough, born Mar. 28, 1866 in Westmoreland Co., PA; died Sept. 30, 1949 in Liberal, KS, youngest daughter of Daniel Hough (1803-1884 and buried in Tipton, MO) and Elizabeth Hepler. The Hough Family was a direct descendant of Richard Hough and his wife Margery Clowes who had emigrated from Hough, England and settled in Bucks Co., PA in 1683. John and Agnes Printz remained in Cooper Co., MO for some time after they were married; going to Council Bluffs, IA sometime after 1881 and to Beaver Co., OK in 1887. In 1888, they went to Meade Center, KS but returned to Cooper Co., MO in 1890; then to Moniteau Co., MO in 1894 and back to Beaver Co., OK in 1900. In 1900, they settled in Liberal, KS. He was a farm

1B3H6J5A. Dessie Nevada Printz, born 1881 in Cooper

1B3H6J5B. Miles Rockwell Printz, born 1889 in Meade

1B3H6J5C. Earl Bismark Printz, born 1891 in Cooper

1B3H6J5D. Martha Elizabeth Printz, born 1894 in laborer and a builder. Children:Co., MO; died Center, KS; died Co., MO; died Montieth Co., MO; died 1894 there.

1B3H6J5E. Lloyd Ammerman Printz, born 1898 in Montieth Co., MO; died

1B3H6J5F. Velma Agnes Printz, born c!901 in OK; died

1B3H6J5G. Agatha Marian Printz, born c!903 in OK; died

1B3H6J5H. Ruth Printz, born c!906 in OK; died She married Black, born ; died


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