Prince/Printz Family History

From "Brentz" in Duehren, Germany to "Printz" in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to "Prince" in Ohio and Beyond


Thaddeus Dobbs (b. 1855) and Mary Magdalene Printz (b. 1860) who were married in 1893

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Here is the information that the book "Into the Valley - A History of the Printz / Prince Family of the Shenandoah" has on this line:

1B3D7C8. Mary Magdalene Printz, born May 8, 1860; died Dec. 30, 1951 in Shenandoah, VA. She married on June 15, 1893 to Thaddeus (Thomas) Brooks Dobbs, born May 23, 1855 in Madison Co., VA; died July 15, 1939, son of R. M. Dobbs and Sarah M. Dobbs. They lived in Grove Hill, VA where Thaddeus was a carpenter. They are buried at St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery, Newport, VA.

1B3D7C8A. Kirby Glenwood Dobbs, born Nov. 27, 1896; died . He married Nellie Strickler, born ; died .

Children :
1B3D7C8A1. Glenwood Dobbs, born
1B3D7C8A2. Hazel Dobbs, born

1B3D7C8B. Harry Allen Dobbs, born July 2, 1894; died Nov. 3, 1974. He married on Sept. 6, 1916 to Cleva A. Long, born 1899; died . In 1920,  they were living in Page Co., VA; later they lived in Shenandoah, VA. HeCoverstone/EUB Cemetery,

1B3D7C8B1. Wanda Dobbs, born 1917
1B3D7C8B2. Mary Dobbs, born Sept. 1918; died
1B3D7C8B3. Ruth Dobbs, born
1B3D7C8B4. William Dobbs, born
1B3D7C8B5. Allan Dobbs, born
1B3D7C8B6. Clarice Dobbs, born
1B3D7C8B7. Diane Dobbs, born

1B3D7C8C. Frieda Florence Dobbs, born Sept. 12, 1900; died . She married John Foltz, born May17, 1895; died Apr. 6, 1967. He is buried at St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery, Newport,VA.

1B3D7C8C1. Nelson Foltz, born May 29, 1919; died
1B3D7C8C2. Kenneth Foltz, born Nov. 6, 1923
1B3D7C8C3. Helen Louise Foltz, born June 28, 1928.

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