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Ada Printz and Armistead Booten Fincham

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Question:  My grandmother Ada C. Printz was married to Armistead Booten Fincham, from Rappahannock and Madison Counties.  Any info you have on this Printz lady would be greatly appreciated. My grandfather lived in the Nethers, Va area. My grandfather who was called "Boot" born 1867-died 1954.  I never saw my grandmother. Great site.

Answer:  There is an Adah C. Printz from that area listed in the book, but it doesn't have any more information on her.  It does list her parents and siblings.  That information is below.

1B3H6D7. Samuel Peter Printz, born Apr. 16, 1850; died died cOct. 15, 1885. He married (1) on June 11, 1870 to Dicy A. Nichols, born 1854; died , daughter of S. Nichols and A. Nichols; (2) in 1881 to Caroline Martha Dodson, born 1863; died , daughter of Albert Dodson and Polly Ann Dodson. Caroline married (2) on Nov. 25, 1889 to C. H. Weakley, born 1840; died , son of  Emmanuel Weakley and Elizabeth Weakley. Samuel moved to Madison Co., Va and began a distillery. One time a drunken mob demanded brandy which he refused. They attempted to break down his door and kill him. He fired on the mob, killing one person. An inquiry held concerning this affair, concluded that he acted in self defence. He continued to live in Madison Co., VA until his death. Children:
1st marriage:
    1B3H6D7A. William S. Printz, born ; died . He is supposed to have lived in McLean Co., IL.
    1B3H6D7B. George W. Printz, born Sept. 1871 in Madison Co., VA; died . He married in Shenandoah Co., VA on Dec. 22, 1897 to Dessie 0. Conner, born Oct. 1872 in Page Co., VA; died , daughter of P. F. Conner and 0. C. Conner. At the time of his marriage, he was a resident of Bloomington, IL. In 1900, they were living in Shenandoah Co., VA.
    1B3H6D7C. Adah C. Printz, born ; died
    1B3H6D7D. Anna Printz, born ; died
    1B3H6D7E. James C. Printz, born ; died
2nd marriage:
    1B3H6D7F. Oscar Printz, born ; died . He married Frances Dodson, born ; died .

Samuel Peter Printz's parents were ...

1B3H6D. William Printz, born Feb. 2, 1818 at Printz Town, VA; died Dec. 27, 1894. He married on Dec. 31, 1838 to Lydia Ann Coffelt ( Koffelt ), of Shenandoah Co., VA, born 1813; died Aug. 21, 1878, daughter of Z. W. Coffelt and Susan Coffelt. William became a blacksmith and spent his entire life doing that trade. He served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. William and Lydia were members of Grace Lutheran Church.

William Printz's parents were...

1B3H6. Peter Printz, born June 14, 1791 at Printz Town, VA; died May 12, 1866 there. He married on June 4, 1810 to Frances Miller, born May 6, 1791; died Mar. 1, 1884, daughter of John Miller, Sr. and Mary Elizabeth Bergdoll. Peter was an active businessman of that day, having built and operated a sawmill and a grist mill and supplying much of the grain he ground from his own farm. He was also a cooper, making his own barrels and shipping his products to Fredericksburg and Baltimore by his own wagons.  He took an active part in the building of Grace Lutheran Church. This church was located about 3/4 miles north of his mills in Stoneyman, VA. Peter had been made an Elder in this church and was its financial mainstay. He was a popular and influential citizen, possessing a fine business knowledge and his judgement and advice was much sought after. He was frequently called upon for jury duty. He was a very methodical person, who loved order and neatness and even his barns were very models of this fine attribute. During the Civil War, he was an Union Army sympathizer, but did not dare to openly espouse his views. Many times, he was forced to contribute military supplies to both armies-as a result, he suffered financial reverses as a result of these contributions to the war effort. In the 1860 census, he is listed as having real estate worth $5500 and personal estate $780. Peter's brick house still stands at the foot of the mountain near Stoney Man. Above and to the left of the house is the grave of his father, Gottlieb.


Peter Printz's parents were...

1B3H. Gottlieb Brentz aka Godlove Printz, was born on Sept. 20, 1752 in York Co., PA; was baptised on Nov. 5, 1752 at Christ Lutheran Church, York Co., Pa; sponsors, Gottlieb and Anna Marie Gunkel; died Dec. 15, 1806 in Shenandoah Co., VA. He married Magdalene Crumm (?), born ; died after June 7, 1811 at which time Magdalene and her second husband, John Roller, born ; died ; (whom she married on June 15, 1808), deeded land to her children by her marriage to Godlove. Godlove Printz, whose name had been anglicised from Gottlieb Brentz, came to Virginia with his parents and upon the death of his father in 1794 became "Governor of Printz Town" by purchasing the interests of his siblings. The second record of Godlove, also known as Cutlip and Godlip, is on Nov. 2, 1775 when he is mentioned in Gwathmey who reported him in the Virginia militia and paid at Romney.  He was a private in Capt. Joseph Borman's Co., of Virginia Militia, soldiers in the west.  Godlove was taxed for 300 acres of land in 1782, however, there is no record of his
obtaining this land?but he continued paying taxes on the land until 1789. During that year,
he was granted 74 acres of land and he was taxed on that amount until 1799 when that land
apparently was transferred to Christian Smith; there is no record of such a transfer, but  Christian Smith began paying taxes on the land in 1800. In 1794, he was taxed on the 217 acres of land that he received from his father's estate. This was reduced to 167 when he
transferred 50 acres to his brother, Philip. On Oct. 8, 1804, Godlove and Mollie Prince sold
288 acres of land to Mark Finks and joined the exodus of settlers from Virginia heading for
the fertile lands of Kentucky. They and some of their sons went down the Shenandoah Valley with all of their goods and cattle and passed through the Cumberland Gap into Kentucky,
settling in Bourbon Co., KY. Godlove's stay there was not long because of the wildness of
the country and his failing health. He is listed as a householder in July 25, 1805 and
June 23, 1806 in Bourbon Co., KY. According to family legend, Godlove begged his sons to take him back to his home in Printz Town and when he saw the old homestead again he died. There was apparently an agreement with Mark Finks concerning the 288 acres of land that Godlove had sold him as Mark Finks and his wife, Eve Finks, sold the land back to Magdalene Prince, widow of Godlove, on Sept. 24, 1807.

Gottlieb Printz's parents were...

1B3. Johann Philipp Brentz, born 1709 in Germany; died 1794 in Shenandoah Co., VA. He married (1) on June 26, 1731 in Duehren, Germany to Maria Margaretha Bender, born Feb. 28, 1712 in Duehren, Baden; died there on Mar. 12, 1748, daughter of Hanns Georg Bender and Eva Margaretha Boehl; (2) on July 9, 1748 at Duehren, to Anna Maria Schwenzer, born in Bad Rappenau, Germany; died after 1794 in Shenandoah Co., VA., daughter of Balthasar Schwenzer. Johann came to America, leaving from Rotterdam on April 16, 1751 on the ship, Brothers, Captained by William Muir, with his second wife and his surviving children, landing in Philadelphia, Pa. on Sept. 16, 1751 and took the oath of allegiance that same day, with Joshua Maddox Esq., Mayor administering the Oath. Apparently, the family did not remain long in Philadelphia as a son, Gottlieb, was
born in 1752 and baptised at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in York, PA. Johann Philip was a tailor in Germany and possibly was one in York also. Johann and his family remained in York about seven years. A second child was baptised at the above church with both children being sponsored by Gottlieb and Anna Maria Gunkle. Whether or not Johann was indentured to Gottlieb or not is not known for certain. Sometime later, he moved his family to Frederick Co., VA and upon acquiring land in Shenandoah Co., VA, and became a farmer. The land that he acquired was 217 acres on the Hawksbill Creek, then in Shenandoah Co., VA, but now in Page Co., VA. He paid 20 pounds, on Sept. 4, 1771, current money of Virginia, to Solomon Ryan for the land. The deed identifies him as Johannas Philip Brentz, Taylor, of Frederick Co. According to D. A. Printz of Urbana, Ohio, his grandfather, Peter A. Printz, had information that Johann Philip settled on the south bank of the Shenandoah River and later, because of the incidence of malaria, moved south to Dry Branch, not far from the present day, Luray, VA. He is listed in 1782 as paying taxes in Shenandoah Co., VA. In 1785, he had three persons listed in his household.  Johann Philip wrote his will on Dec. 6, 1793.  In this will, he mentioned his wife, Maria, his eldest son Philip, son Gottlieb, and his other children, but not by name. The will names Godlove (Cutlip) to be the administrator of his estate. He gave one-third of his estate to his wife, Maria, as well as a milk cow and the
kitchen garden. To Philip, his oldest son, he gave 50 acres of land on the Hawksbill Creek,
to Godlove, his son he gave the old place where "he and I now live", and finally his personal
effects were to be divided between all of his children, equally. His will was witnessed by
Philip Somers, Balser Sauer, and Daniel Burucker. The last mention of Johann Philip was
on May 24, 1794 when he requested the Shenandoah County Court to be excused from
payment of the Public and County Levies. This petition was granted. His will was proved on
June 9, 1795; his estate inventory having been made on Sept. 1, 1794. Family tradition states
that Johann Philip was buried on the Peter Printz farm graveyard in what is now Page Co.,
VA; Maria is supposed to have gone to live with a daughter at Grove Hill, VA and is supposed to have been buried there.


Johan Philip Brentz's parents were...

IB. Johann Heinrich Brentz, born May 25, 1672 in Geuattergstunden, Germany; was killed on Aug. 6, 1727 in Duehren, Germany when struck by lightning in a field. He married on Feb. 13, 1700 to Anna Elizabetha Egenlauf, born June 13, 1681 in Duehren, Germany; died there on July 1, 1730, daughter of Hans Conradt Egenlauf (Eglauff) (born Dec. 16, 1649 in Switzerland; married Nov. 25, 1673; died Nov. 1720 in Baden, Germany) and Elizabeth Lemberger (died Aug. 2, 1693) and grand-daughter of Jacob Egenlauf and Anna Schenck. After Johann Heinrich's death, Anna married in 1728 to a widower, Johann Funck, born ; died .


Johann Heinrich Brent's parents were (this is as far back as book has)...

1. Hanns Melchoir Brentz, born c!646; died on Nov. 12, 1726 in Duehren, Germany. He married on Nov. 16, 1669 to Anna Dorothea Wolffhardt, (Wohlfart), born Aug. 8, 1648 in Steinsfurt, Baden-Wuerttemburg, Germany; died July 26, 1703 in Duehren. She was the daughter of Georg Johann Wolffhardt (born Dec. 15, 1601 in Nuertingen, Schwarzwaldkreis, Wuertt; died Apr. 11, 1670; married Feb. 22, 1636 at Rauenberg,
Heidelberg/Neckar, Wuertt and Anna Burckhardt (born Feb. 25, 1610 in Hedelfingen, Wuertt; died Jan. 8, 1677/78 in Baden); granddaughter of Jacob Burckhardt (born Jan. 29, 1571/72 in Weil im Schoenbluch, Wuertt and Babille Burckhardt; Alexander L. Wolffhardt (born 1556; died Aug. 22, 1622; married Dec. 7, 1579 in Neckarkreis, Wuertt; and Eleanore Rentz or Renz (born c!557 in Lustnau, Schwarz, Wuertt; died 1637 in Wuertt, Sankt Georg Schwartswald); Heinrich Rentz born Aug. 10, 1529 in Germany; died Sept. 2, 1601 in Wuerttemberg married 1557 in Stuttgart to Marie Graeter (born 1532 in
Heilbronn, Neckar, Wuertt; died June 3, 1620 in Wuertt); great granddaughter of Michael
Wolfhardt born 1523 Wuertt, Waiblingen and Agnes Hunn (c!532 in Wuertt, Marbach am Neckar; died c!564; and great great granddaughter of Casper Graeter (born clSOO in Neckar, Wuertt; died 1552) and Anna Zeh; of Thomas Wolfhardt, born 1493 in Waiblingen, Neckar, Wuertt.; died 1560 and Barbara Schonwalter, born c!497; died after 1563; Michael Hunn (born c!505 in Neckar, Wuertt) and Anna Dernier (born c!506); Ulrich
Rentz (born 1506 in Wuertt, married 1528; died Brentz Hanns Melchoir (c!646-1726) Sept. 19, 1585) and Anna Euphrosine Moegenhardt born 1509 in Wuertt, Blaubeuren; died Mar. 1, 1585/86); great great great granddaughter of Hans Wolfhardt; R. Schonwalter and Anna Romer; Johann Hunn, born 1484 in Wuertenberg, Germany, died 1518; Michael Dernier (born c!478 in Marbach, am Neckar, Germany, died c!536 and Anna Marklin (born c!482 in Marbach, am Neckar, died 1534); Ulrich Rentz born c!485; died in Apr. 1547 and Agathe Dorsch (born in Wuertt; died after 1559; Peter Moegenhardt (born c!480)
and Anna Bock (born 1485); great great great great granddaughter of Johannes Romer; Michael Demler (died 1494); Nicholaus Marklin (born 1450 Marbach, Wuertt and Anna R. Marklin; Ludwig Rentz (born 1450 in Ula; died c!513 in Wiessensteig) and Berthold Bock (born c!455 in Blaubeuren, Wuertt; great great great great great grandaughter of Nicolaus Marklin (born c!423 in Donauworth) and Anna Schonthalmeier 1A. Anna Barbara Brentz, born 1671 in Althausen; (born c!427 in Murr); and great great great great great great granddaughter of Jacob Schonthalmeier (born c!375 in Donauwoerth, Bavaria, and Anna Schonthalmeier. Hans Melchoir Brentz in 1669 was a clothmaker and weaver. In
1687, he occupied a two story house and had 16.25 golden acres (Mg Aker) of farmland.

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