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Luther Prince who married Eva Dodson

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Question:  Do you have any info on a Luther Printz? He was married to a Eva Dodson, daughter of James Arnold Dodson. What little info I can find this was in Madison County, Va. Thanks for your help.

1B3D1A2H1. Lawrence Luther Printz, born 1901; died . He married (1) on Apr. 16, 1919 with the Rev. M. B. Jamison, officiating, to Eva Dodson, born 1896; died c!923, daughter of and Lizzie Dodson; (2) on Oct. 14, 1924 at Hagerstown, MD at 1st Baptist Church, with the Rev. Joseph R. Irwin, officiating, to Gertrude W. Woodard, born 1905. At the time of his first marriage, Lawrence's occupation was a laborer. In 1920, they were living with his parents.

Father was:
1B3D1A2H. Thomas J. Printz, born 1863; died . He married on July 2, 1899 with the Rev. John Racer, officiating, to Ada Nichols, born 1878; died , daughter of J. Howard Nichols. At the time of his marriage, Thomas was a laborer.

Father was:
1B3D1A2. Christian Printz, born July 11, 1824; died in Hastings, NE; died Mar. 20, 1888 of consumption. He married on May 15, 1850 to Sarah (Sallie) Miller, born Oct. 5,  1826; died Oct. 9, 1903, daughter of Henry Miller and Margaret Schmelzer (1B3D5H). He was a farmer near Shenk's Mills and was a highly respected citizen. Christian obtained 81.25 acres of land at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains near Pass Run on Jan. 19, 1851 from William F. Bradley; land from Samuel Judd and wife on Mar. 28, 1862 and Jan. 23, 1863 on the north side of a ridge known as Seeding Ridge. He sold a tract of land on Piney Mountain between Dry Run and the Hawksbill on Mar. 3, 1863 to Noah Printz. Christian served as legal guardian for his brother, Gerhard Ambrose Printz after his father's death. Christian and  Sarah were devout members of the Lutheran Church. They are buried in Morning Star  Lutheran Church Cemetery. In the 1860 census, his real estate was valued at $900.00 and his personal property at $464.00. Christian served in the Confederate Army, serving as a Lt. in Co. K, 97th VA Inf.; and in 8th Christman's Battn, Virginia Reserves. Sarah's obituary stated that "She died after an illness of about six weeks. She left 8 children and 40 grandchildren. She had at the proper age connected herself with the Lutheran Church and remained faithful to her vows. As a mother, she was kind and tender; as a neighbor obliging and as a Christian, pure in heart".

Father was:
1B3D1A. David Christian Printz, born 1802; died Oct. 17, 1855. He married on Jan. 27, 1824 to Elizabeth Boulier Painter, born 1802; died 1880 at 78 yrs. 5 mos. 11 days. They are buried at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Cemetery, Stonyman, VA. In the 1850 census, he is listed as a farmer with assets of $2000. He was called "Little Dave" and she was called, "Peggy". Both were members of the Lutheran Church.

Father was:
1B3D1. John Printz, born 1765; died 1847. He married on Jan. 12, 1801 to Margareda Comer, born c!770; died before 1847, daughter of Martin Comer (the original family name was Corner and was anglicized to Comer). John's wife is not mentioned in his will so presumably she was deceased. They lived in Page Co., Va. and John's nickname was "Big John". There are records of land purchased that John made as follows: On June 14, 1810, 145 acres of land from George Gander and Anna Gander of Shenandoah Co., VA for 730 pounds current money of Virginia; on Oct. 1, 1814, 110 acres of land in Shenandoah Co., Va. from James McCollister and his wife, Margaret McCollister, James Spidler and wife Anna Spidler of Fairfield Co., Ohio and John Metz and wife, Katherine Metz, of Shenandoah Co., VA; on Oct. 6, 1825, he purchased 128 acres of land, adjacent to the Varners in Shenandoah Co., VA from George Hetick and wife, Magdalena Hetick, of Green Twp., Franklin Co., PA. John was a deacon in Grace Church.

Father was:
Captain George Printz (see Revolutionary War tab for details on George).

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