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From "Brentz" in Duehren, Germany to "Printz" in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to "Prince" in Ohio and Beyond


Gottfried (Godfrey) Printz

Posted by princefamilyhistory on April 11, 2008 at 10:10 AM

Question:  My 4th great grandfather was Godfrey Prince married to Hannah. Godfrey died in Nov 1840 in Washington Co IN. I believe Gottleib and George Printz were his brothers.  Note that Godfrey was a soldier in the Revolutionary War which would qualify you and your relatives for inclusion in the Sons of the American Revolution or the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Answer:  Indeed, they were brothers.  Here is Godfrey's information from the book:
1B3I. Gottfried(Godfrey) Brentz7, born Mar. 7, 1754 at York, York Co., Pa.; bp Apr. 14, 1754 at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, witnesses Gottlieb and h. w. Anna Maria; died Nov. 1, 1840 in Washington Co., IN. He married c!780 to Martha Hannah Lozenia _ .... , born 1755; died c!855. It is possible that Hannah was the daughter of Lawrence Lassenna or Lassanay who had purchased 300 acres of land from Samuel Short in Shenandoah Co., VA which adjoined the 'Information on Gottfried Printz ( Prince ) and his descendants was taken mostly from manuscripts of Dr. Russell Bidlack, of Ann Arbor, MI and Sharon A. Huffman, of Wichita, KS. The first record of Gottfried or Godfrey as he was known, was in May 8, 1787, when he was visited by a tax collector and found that he owned a horse and four cattle. There are no records to show that he owned any land in Shenandoah Co. VA. Godfrey served during the Revolutionary War, in the 8th Regiment, VA Militia. He apparently left Shenandoah Co., VA about 1800 joining the many families who were
going west. He purchased two tracts of land (40 acres and 10 acres) in Botetourt Co., VA on June 10, 1800, the former for 56 pounds, current money. This land was located on Tinker Creek. He paid 65 dollars current money for the 10 acres which was located on Barreans Creek, a branch of Tinker Creek and a branch of Roanoke River. Probably, a house and other buildings were on the 10 acre plot. Godfrey was taxed on this land until Aug. 14, 1816 when he sold for $850 all of his land to Peter Frantz, from whom he had purchased the 10 acres. Godfrey and Hannah purchased 160 acres of land in Washington Co., IN for $640 on Oct. 16, 1816 from Demcey Morris and Gemima Morris. Their land was near the village of Kussuth, IN. He gave notice on Sept. 15, 1827 to the elected trustees of the county that he was giving a deed for a lot to, "build a Meeting House for the M.E. Church and to be used by the neighborhood as a school house". The deed was executed on May 21, 1828. Godfrey and Hannah's children probably attended the common schools of VA and probably learned to read and write in English-which is probably more than the parents were able to accomplish. Godfrey's will was written on Apr. 5, 1827 and was probated on Nov. 11, 1840. The will names only his wife, Hannah. Hannah's will, dated Nov. 13, 1844 was probated on Jan. 7, 1856 and names her son David and her daughter Dianna. It mentioned
"all my children".

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