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Wolfhard Ancestor Biking Across USA this Summer

Posted by Victor Prince on June 12, 2016 at 12:55 AM

One of our distant cousins from Germany is biking across the USA this summer. Yannick Wolfhard is from the Wolfhards who are in Germany. We are related to via a marriage between Hans Melchior Brentz and Anna Dorothea Wolfhard in the 1600s in Germany. Hans Melchior Brentz was one of the earliest documented ancestors in the Brentz line that became Printz and Prince after emigrating from Germany to America. The Wolfhard family is documented back to the 1300s, which is extraordinarily long for any family tree that is not a royal line.


I met Yannick on my trip to Duhren, Germany in 2014. He visited me last year in Washington DC and visited me again this week in my new Indianapolis, IN home.


You can follow Yannick's trip at his blog -


Also, I am launching a Facebook group of people who are from this Brentz/Printz/Prince family line. Send me a note or look me up on Facebook if you want to join that. I will use that as a place to post an update when I have new information on this site.

All the best.

Victor Prince

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